George Washington Bridge FREE Stock Photos

After writing my most recent blog post with a list of 27 free stock photography sites, I decided to start offering some of my own images as free stock photos. I will occasionally be publishing posts letting you know of new high-resolution images added to the Free Stock Photo section of this site. These images are totally free for you to download and use in your next personal or commercial project.

Please note, the only free images on my website are the ones posted in the Free Stock Photos section, all others on this site are Copyright © Reyher Photo. All Rights Reserved. They cannot be used without my prior written consent.

Image Usage License

Since you have better things to do than try to decipher a complex image license, all the high-resolution photos in these blog posts fall under usage rights similar to the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, but with some slight differences which are noted below.

Things You CANNOT DO with My Photos

  • You CANNOT use my photos for criminal, pornographic, defamatory and/or degrading purposes
  • You CANNOT imply that ReyherPhoto has endorsed you or your product/s
  • You CANNOT use, sell or redistribute my photos on stock photography sites or apps, both free and/or paid
  • You CANNOT imply that my pictures were taken by you

Things You CAN DO with My Photos

  • Use my FREE stock photos in a wide variety of personal and commercial projects
  • Modify the images however you’d like, including color correction, cropping, etc.
  • You DO NOT have to give attribution, although it is much appreciated 🙂

Downloading Your FREE Stock Photos

To download the free stock photos included in this blog post, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the image thumbnail to view the full-size, high-resolution image.
  2. Right-click (PC) or control-click (Apple) on the full-size photo and select “Save Image As.”
  3. Save the picture to your computer, and use it however you’d like 🙂

George Washington Bridge Stock Photos

The first set of free stock photos features various views of the George Washington Bridge, all captured from the Ross Dock Picnic Area in Alpine, New Jersey.

Free stock pic of the George Washington Bridge on a sunny afternoon.
View of the George Washington Bridge and surrounding buildings on a sunny afternoon.
Free stock photo of the George Washington Bridge
Vertical image of the George Washington Bridge on a sunny afternoon.
Free stock photo of GW Bridge captured from Alpine, NJ
Free stock image of the George Washington Bridge on a sunny afternoon.
Free stock photo of the George Washington Bridge.
George Washington Bridge and New York City in the background.
George Washington Bridge abstract background
Blurry, abstract photo of the George Washington Bridge.

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