Photographers worth following on Instagram

10 Photographers on Instagram Worth Following

Instagram is a fantastic platform filled with exciting imagery from all kinds of amazing photographers. It is one of the most visual social networks, so it’s only natural that it is a favorite among photographers. There are a ton of image-makers who upload amazing pictures on their profiles, many of whom post on a daily basis. In this post, I list 10 photographers on Instagram worth following. These are not necessarily picture-takers with a huge following, but simply those who post quality imagery. Many blog posts of this nature tend to focus solely on users with a massive social media following. There are tons of amazing picture-takers out who don’t have thousands of followers, and it’s important to showcase amazing work regardless of follower count.

Renaud Stockman

Renaud Stockman Instagram profile.

Renaud Stockman is a French photographer based in Bourg-la-Reine, France. Most of his images are taken throughout various suburbs in France, and he does a great job mixing man-made structures with their natural surroundings.

Paul Bobko

Paul Bobko on Instagram.

Born in California and raised in Texas, Paul Bobko is currently based in New York City. He has a dynamic portfolio filled with particularly colorful images taken throughout NYC, among other places. His series of public court photos is truly unique, and can be viewed by searching for the hashtag #bobkocourts.

Dani Brown

xdani_brownx on Instagram

Dani Brown is a photographer based in Brighton, England. Her subject matter is quite diverse, and she has the unique ability to capture beauty in seemingly ordinary subjects. She posts images on a very consistent basis, often uploading multiple photos every day.

Jon Setter

Jon Setter on Instagram

Jon Setter is a photographer with two Instagram profiles – somesydney features images taken throughout Sydney, Australia and jonsetter is filled with photos from his travels elsewhere. His photos are of the minimal variety, and he uses contrasting colors very well.

Emilie Gravoueille

Mili Gramme Instagram profile

Emilie Gravoueille is a freelance photographer in Maine et Loire, France. She shoots a wide variety of interesting subjects, including architecture, cities and people, among other things. Her images are clean and well-composed. The three images seen in the screenshot above are great, and make an awesome series.

Jim Eyre

Jim Eyre on Instagram

Jim Eyre is a photographer based in England. Originally trained as an architect, his work shows a deep appreciation of lines, shapes and space. He has a great eye for detail, and an uncanny ability to transform simple subjects into works of art. He is represented by photo agency Germaine Walker.

Arturo McClean

Artur McClean on Instagram.

Arturo McClean is a photographer who lives in Barcelona, Spain. He is the editor at MinimalZine, a curated online photo gallery where he posts a wide array of stunning images by talented photographers. He has a unique mixture of pictures in his feed, including architecture, textures, patterns and more.

Françoise Sibi

Françoise Sibi on Instagram.

Françoise Sibi is a French photographer from Paris who currently resides in Southern California. She captures and posts a wide array of unique shots, including urban scenes, landscapes, her family and even her dog. Her images taken in France and Iceland are especially beautiful.

Joseph P. Traina

Joseph P. Traina on Instagram.

Joseph P. Traina is a photographer currently living in the Pacific Northwest. His subject matter is quite diverse, and includes images taken all over the United States. His series “You Can’t Live Here Anymore” features buildings and other urban elements in various states of disrepair.

David Mirete

David Mirete (@m1r3t3) on Instagram

David Mirete is a photographer who grew up and lives in Alicante, Spain. After spending a number of years living elsewhere, he returned to his hometown where he gained a deep appreciation for the area’s unique beauty. This inspired him to pick up a camera, which he uses to document his picturesque surroundings.

Can you think of any photographers on Instagram that should be included in this list? Leave a comment with their username, and let’s keep the discussion going.
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